Site News

15.09.20:The beta version of the upcoming standard BTLx 2.0.0 is online.

04.09.20:The new BTL-Viewer 14.5.309.46857 is online supporting the BTLx and the BTL standard.

04.09.20:The new Release notes for the BTL viewer is now available.

16.07.20:The new BTL documentation 10.6 is now available.


Thanks for visiting the design2machine homepage.

Design2machine is a cooperation of machine designers and software developers to set up a standard interface for data transfer from design software to CNC machines for timber frame constructions, roofs, log homes and wooden house constructions.

On this internet site you will find all information concerning BTL and BTLx formats, so that you do not need to search anywhere else.

The BTL and BTLx formats provide a parametric description of the geometry of wooden building components and their processings as well as structural information for prefabrication and assembly.